Planners! Planners! Hurrah ! Hurrah!

Isn\’t this lovely boys and girls? We\’re to have two more areas of the economy planned for us. Works so well, as we know, doesn\’t it?

Gordon Brown will announce a house-building drive, creating a series of "eco towns" across Britain.

Yes, that\’s right. Instead of houses being built where people actually want to live, close to other people, they\’ll be built where no one currently lives. This amazing plan is brought to you by the same people who are knocking down 400,000 homes across the North. Amazing how incredibly intelligent they are, isn\’t it, to know that destroying housing at the same time as insisting we need more housing makes sense?

Further, they\’re going to build these new towns where there are no jobs. For, you see, these will be "New Towns". Eco-towns even, ones where everyone will have to commute to somewhere else in order to make a living. We\’re soooo lucky to have these clever people directing us, aren\’t we?

Ministers will also announce a new Immigration Bill, drawn up in the past few weeks amid growing criticism about the projected growth in population. It will introduce a new points-based system that will restrict immigration from outside the EU to those with skills required in Britain.

More joyousness! Seriously! Ministers will decide what skills the economy needs, they have that perfect knowledge require to work out that we actually need another plumber, but not a plasterer, another Gender Studies lecturer but not another ditch digger. Are we not lucky to be ruled by such omniscient beings?

This from the people running a school system that cannot even impart the most basic skills to a large chunk, after 11 years of forced attendance.

Yes, I\’m sure it will all work out very well, just as planned economies always do.

Aren\’t we lucky, lucky, little boys and girls.

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