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Political Machinations

Note that there\’s not even a pretense at providing a public interest explanation:

GORDON BROWN is preparing to announce curbs on spending by political parties which will prevent Tory candidates from gaining an advantage in marginal seats.

His first Queen’s speech this week, in which the prime minister will set out his legislative programme for the coming year, will signal a party funding bill to close a legal loophole that has allowed the Conservatives to splurge money on key constituencies in the run-up to the next general election.

Ministers have expressed concern that millions of pounds being provided to Tory candidates by Lord Ashcroft, the former party treasurer and one of the party’s biggest backers, is damaging Labour’s chances in marginal seats.

Just damaging Labour\’s chances is sufficient reason to change the law. Who now would want to deny the truth of public choice economics? That politicians do things which are good for politicians?

4 thoughts on “Political Machinations”

  1. I assume he will be banning government funding of unions, targeted health spending in marginals, and pre-election give-aways.

  2. Letters From A Tory

    After the weekend scandal about the way Labour ministers were using their ‘communications allowances’ to further the party cause, they have no right to play the innocent card over party funding.

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