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This is interesting. The Lib Dems are only important when:

But here\’s the paradox. Despite plunging as low as 11% in recent polls, politically this is their best opportunity for years. They are only needed when the other parties fail too many voters. Last time this happened in the early 1980s, when the choice presented to the voters was Michael Foot\’s catastrophically unelectable Labour party versus Margaret Thatcher\’s slashing and burning of jobs, lives and public services from which the social fabric has not yet recovered. Between that Scylla and Charybdis there was a genuine need for a sane, moderate alternative. This time they are needed because the other two have moved too close together.

Of course, back then they were the Liberal Party. And in that hour of need Polly helped the SDP, the one that split that necessary alternative vote and made sure that Thatcher and Foot were the only viable alternatives. Well done there.

Whatever your view, voters deserve a choice on the big issues where the other parties merge: Lib Dems are strongly pro-European, seeing a closer future across the Channel than the Atlantic.

All parties other than UKIP are strongly pro-EU. So the choice is, here, between UKIP and everyone else.

There rest of it seems to a pean to the virtues of PR: the one way of ensuring that people never actually have a proper choice ever again.

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  1. I lived abroad from 1984 to 1993, I have often heard that “Thatcher slashed and burned jobs”, but how exactly? What did she do wrong? OK, sterling was unusually high because of oil exports and maybe inflation wasn’t really under control, but hey…

  2. “There rest of it seems to a pean to the virtues of PR: the one way of ensuring that people never actually have a proper choice ever again.”

    Given that the current choice is between New Labour and Dave Cameron’s Conservatives, I find it hard to believe that PR could possibly give less choice than FPTP.

  3. Pro-EU Tories:
    Well, the Tories took us into the EEC. Maastricht was signed by a Tory government with no referendum (as was called for by the LibDems).
    Today the Tories aren’t anti-Europe, they just shout a bit to try and get a few votes and put the government on the spot.
    Given power, they’d just keep the status quo (until it rips the party apart again)

    As for PR: Multimember STV means that people get far more of a choice in their representatives with several candidates from each party. It also means that the government isn’t elected by a small number of swing voters in middle England.

    Hopefully it will also lead to weaker government, less able to mess in our lives.

    I think that would be rather good personally. Of course, with great reduction of state power it wouldn’t matter so much anyway.

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