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We\’re well used to Labour incompetence, but it comes to something when they can\’t even break their own laws competently.

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  1. Many of GB’s emerging political problems have their roots in events during Tony Blair’s decade as prime minister so we are left to speculate on what previously undiscovered slugs will next come into the light of day when more stones are turned over.

    GB can presently make full use of a persuasive display of innocent ignorance about what transpired in the deeper recesses during his predecessor’s term of office the past but the credibility of that disposition has only a limited shelf-life.

  2. Apparently, some of the folk who were used as proxies for this guy’s secret party donations were not even aware of it. He had managed to use their identities without them knowing.
    So don’t be surprised if another 25 million unrelated donations suddenly come flooding in to the party’s coffers in the near future…..

  3. It’s all part of Tony Blair’s enduring legacy.

    By now, if I were Gordon Brown – which thank the Lord, I’m not, sir – I’d be thinking of having a quiet word with that nice Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to see if he could discretely arrange for the garden of Number 10 to be dug over and the floorboards lifted in case a previous occupier of the premises had buried anything.

  4. Odd, isn’t it, that UKIP cash was confiscated on what appears to have been a minor technicality – yet NuLabor can just pay back the money and carry on as before. This probably stems from Blunkett paying back the expenses he had “wrongly claimed” so that everything would be all right.
    A bit like reversing back past a speed camera to avoid a fine…

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