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I am beautiful. I am a model. I am allowed to be dumb.

Kate Fischer.


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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I kind of doubt that Kate Fisher is dumb actually. And not only can these awful people not spot irony, they cannot spot humour either. Anyone who has had any exposure to Joe Hockey, which I am not sure I can say includes me, recognises an Australian trying to have a laugh when they see one. The fact that he said it on morning TV – whose audience will be almost entirely Mothers coming back from taking their children to school – ought to have given them a hint.

    I am not sure about John Howard’s decision not to let women wear pants in his office, but I don’t see that as particularly anti-women.

    Arthur Tunstall’s comments were somewhat in the vernacular, but as anyone can tell you they were actually true. There has been a constant pressure on women (and men too. Look at the AFL) to wear skimpier and skimpier costumes precisely for these reasons. So what they are criticising is honesty and working class bluntness. We are all supposed to be mealy mouthed hypocrits from now on are we?

    Kate Fisher’s uncle is Tim Fisher, an excellent politician and at one time Foreign Minister of Australia, who also got far by playing dumb. But she isn’t. And I don’t think he is either. He really was the last decent man in politics. Certainly Prue Goward isn’t and the apple is unlikely to fall far from the tree.

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