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Jeff Randall:

Gordon Brown\’s premiership has become the Trabant of British politics: we had to wait 10 years for delivery, then it fell apart after less than six months.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. For all Tony Blair’s Education, Education, Education in 1997, this was his legacy on leaving office as PM and Gordon Brown’s inheritance:

    “The UK is above average in a major international league table on school science – but it has slipped compared to its previous top-four ranking.”

    “The reading performance of children in England has fallen from third to 19th in the world in a major assessment.”

  2. Since 1997, spending on the NHS has tripled and this is the outcome:

    “Britain’s National Health Service remains a ‘mediocre’ provider of healthcare, performing much less well than almost all of the UK’s peers in western Europe, according to a European survey.”

    So much for Lord Darzi’s claim that the NHS is “the envy of the world”.

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