Raise Alcohol Taxes!

Yes, we\’ve got the doctors insisting that booze must become more expensive:

Heavy taxes must be imposed on all alcoholic drinks if Britain\’s "binge-drinking" culture is to be broken, doctors will warn the Government in a report.

The taxes should be "proportionate", with the biggest levies imposed on drinks with the highest alcoholic content, says the British Medical Association.

You would rather hope that intelligent and well educated people like doctors would note a few things. For example, that we already have high alcohol taxes and they are indeed higher on those drinks with higher alcohol contents (Table 1, page 3).

Secondly, that we have free trade amongst the EU nations. That means that you can buy elsewhere and consume in Britain: paying the lower duty levels elsewhere. Finally, that we already have, relative to many other EU members, high alcohol taxation. Higher, in fact, than nations which do not have a binge-drinking culture.

Oh well, perhaps intelligent and well educated is not the same as capable of thought.

4 thoughts on “Raise Alcohol Taxes!”

  1. Perhaps the quacks ought to stop opining on tax policy and stick to what they know about – cocking up the recruitment system for junior quacks.

  2. have you made the connection between nuffield council and a certain presbyterian scottish prime minister?
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