Reduced Salt Leads to Obesity!

Unintended consequences all round. It appears that removing the salt from food has increased the caloric content. So the reason we\’re turning into a nation of fatties is because of these people.

Experts said the findings, derived from a comparison of current labels with old ones stored in museum archives, fitted a pattern whereby manufacturers remove salt and some types of fat from food for health reasons, only to replace them with sugar and more fat.

"Reducing salt is an excellent measure, but as a result companies are faced with bland processed food," said Tim Lobstein, the former director of the Food Commission who now heads the child obesity programme at the International Association for the Study of Obesity. "The cheap way of flavouring it up is to sugar it. Fat can also help because it helps your tongue notice the flavours – that\’s why you butter bread," he said.

A Kraft spokeswoman confirmed this is what had happened in the case of the cheese triangles. "We are trying to balance what consumers say they want in terms of the taste they enjoy, while trying to reduce the salt. But instead there\’s more butter, so that led to a modest increase in the calorie level," she said. The triangles today have more calcium and added vitamin D, as well as a third less salt.

So there we have it. Government, making you fat since the 1990s.

3 thoughts on “Reduced Salt Leads to Obesity!”

  1. No, sorry, people too lazy to cook who buy processed food making themselves fat, by eating more calories than they use. Unless government is forcing them to eat Kraft cheese triangles?

  2. “Unless government is forcing them to eat Kraft cheese triangles?”

    By mucking around with diktats, the Government IS forcing me to do various things. Like put more salt on my food.

    Here’s a proposal: I won’t stop you eating your naturally reared hemp yoghurt, and you and Gordon Brown fuck off and leave me alone to eat salty cheese triangles in peace.

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