Religious Insults Competition

Media Watch is having a little competition as to who can insult religion the best. So far the winner is their own introduction to the competition:

The religion in question which has so exercised the slow-witted mullahs of Sudan is known as “Islam”, a 7th century personality cult invented by an illiterate camel trader with a penchant for warfare and pre-pubescent girls. Think of L Ron Hubbard in a tent.

7 thoughts on “Religious Insults Competition”

  1. My contribution –

    You mean the religion which holds that a violent, mass murdering, thieving, oath breaking, misogynistic paedophile, who advocated slavery, condoned rape, lying and political assasination, and freely indulged his galloping satyriasis, is THE moral exemplar who’s every action should be admired and emulated?

    The religion who’s concept of Paradise is comparable to (and about as spiritual as) my concept of a high class brothel?

    Sorry, can’t think of any possible way to insult this lot.

  2. I read that Lord Ahmed is flying out to Khartoum on an urgent mission to repair the catastrophic damage done to Islamic public relations in Britain by such headlines as: Teddy teacher moved to secret location after angry mob calls for her execution

    British media are doing a splendid job of keeping this in the headlines and, hopefully, that will continue until Gillian Gibbons is safely back on UK territory and been given a healthcheck.

    To placate offended MCB sentiments, I venture a modest suggestion that Parliament pass emergency legislation making it a criminal offence to name pigs after the prophet – after all, the French have a law making it a criminal offence to name pigs after Napoleon. The maximum penalty would be 15 days imprisonment but prosecutions would require the approval of the Attorney General. Importantly, the legislation would have a sunset clause requiring annual approval and the act would be named the Gillian Gibbons Act. Come the new year, I hope her name will appear on the New Honours list for monumental services to inter-faith relations.

  3. If I owned a pig I would not insult such a noble and useful animal by naming it after such a loathsome bunch of goat molestors. Time to turn sand into glass, perhaps. As I believe some people from North America have already mooted.

  4. “pass emergency legislation making it a criminal offence to name pigs after the prophet”

    Um, how about it be made an offense not to name pigs after the bloke who pretended he was a prophet?

  5. I have the intuition that the traditional British aptitude for satire, irony and the absurd is in danger of being under-exploited.

  6. jem ferriter keles

    god is a mug. he slaughtered innecent people. he is a genecidal homophobic bloodthirsty mythical supernatural being up in the sky.

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