Richard Murphy Explained!

Look, I think the man has had the odd thing sensible to say, Well, I had:

But the reality is that those who want radical social change that will destroy the concept of walfare(welfare, sic) want to exploit this as an opprtunity to destroy society as we know it.

And I oppose the far Right perception of society. There’s a simple reason. It’s evil. And these comments seem to promote that evil.

"It\’s evil"

So I won\’t talk about it.

Still think of yourself as a liberal?


5 thoughts on “Richard Murphy Explained!”

  1. Tim,

    Do you want to explain why he calls you this:

    “Rim Worstall fell off the edge of reason long ago, so I’ll ignore him.”


  2. One of the distinguishing marks between right and left –

    Those who consider themselves right wing tend to regard those who disagree with them as mistaken. Those who regard themselves as left tend to regard those who disagree with them as evil.

  3. I notice Richard has commented that my comment is “Mock hysteria” but he’s so far not published any of the personal details I asked for! Do you think he will? 🙂

  4. countingcats, sounds nice but I’m on the right and I think most people on the left are evil scum who should be fucking well shot.

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