Robert Pickton

I have to say that Robert Pickton\’s lawyers are using a novel defense here. Pickton\’s accused of luring prostitutes and drug addicts back to his pig farm, having sex with them, murdering them and then dismembering the bodies and feeding them to said pigs. Perhaps 60 people all told. This might not be the strongest defense claim ever:

While the defence has acknowledged the remains were found on his farm, it argued that other suspects have been ignored and that the evidence – including skulls, hands and feet – was no proof of his guilt.

It might even be true but that\’s not how I\’d bet on a jury deciding.

2 thoughts on “Robert Pickton”

  1. Maybe they came onto the farm in the pigswill. If he was as racist as New Labour, he’d blame it on Chinese Restaurants.

  2. Some of the comments from Pickton’s lawyer sound stupid given what we now know about serial killers. The comment about him lacking the intelligence to be a serial killer is absurd. The FBI in the US has spent the past 30 years psychologically profiling serial killers and they have found that while the best and most famous are generally intelligent, it is not a requirement, especially when if the killer is going after people who are not likely to be missed or cared about, like the prostitutes in this case. If I remember correctly, “disorganized” serial killers tend to be loners of low intelligence, tend to dump the bodies where they killed the victim and are more likely to perform post-mortem rituals related to very precise sexual and other fantasies. Seems to fit the suspect in this case. This leads into the lawyer’s second stupid comment about the delicate cutting method. As mentioned the sexual and other fantasies of serial killers are often so precise that they treat the victims in extremely specific manners post-mortem. Perhaps in this case his fantasies involved delicately cutting them up.

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