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Scottish Council Housing

This isn\’t really a surprise now:

Ministers announced the end of the right to buy for new council homes yesterday and signalled that the scheme could go altogether within four years.

Since 1979 more than 480,000 council tenants have bought their homes under the right to buy, which offers a discounted purchase price based on the period of residence.

But Ms Sturgeon claimed that the scheme had a negative effect. "Authorities see little point in building houses for rent if they are lost through the right to buy", she said.

How are you going to keep the Doughboys down on the farm once they\’ve seen Gay Paree? How do you keep the proles in helotry if they actually own their own housing? Far easier to keep them voting socialist if they\’re dependent upon the State for the very roof over their heads.

She also announced plans to force homeowners — rather than buyers — to pay for surveys from next year despite a lukewarm reception the plan received in a pilot study.

Sounds rather like HIPs, doesn\’t it? Such a success they\’ve been in England and Wales as well.

D\’ye think you lot could hurry up and go independent then? Wouldn\’t want the entire nation to get infected with such nonsense now, would we?

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