Seumas on Castro

For some, Cuba\’s resistance to multi-party elections, its clampdown on those who work with the US against the regime, its shortages and bureaucracy mark Castro down as a failed dictator,

I wonder why anyone would think that?

But for millions across the world, Cuba\’s resistance to US domination, its internationalist record in Africa and Latin America, its achievements in health and education and its pursuit of an indepen-dent, anti-capitalist course remain an inspirational point of reference

Doesn\’t matter if you\’re a failed dictator then, as long as you\’re anti-US and anti-capitalist?

5 thoughts on “Seumas on Castro”

  1. I’m starting to wonder what the actual difference between an “internationalist record in Africa and Latin America” and good old fashioned imperialism (hegemonic or otherwise) is.

  2. Ian, the difference was that Castro was explicitly trying to foment misery and turmoil, rather than getting it by happenstance. The fact that the psychotic butcher Che Guevara was involved in both exploits tells you all you need to know.

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