Silver Pyjamas

Two questions about this:

Pyjamas that have been designed to protect hospital patients from the MRSA superbug have gone on sale in Marks & Spencer.
The £45 garment has silver thread woven into it, which tests show can reduce the spread of infections.
…Silver-laced nightwear has been tested in a handful of hospitals, but M&S has become the first retailer in Britain to stock the pyjamas.

1) Do they actually work?

2) If so, why is hospital issued nightwear not already using the technology?

4 thoughts on “Silver Pyjamas”

  1. Is this really more effective than:

    1. Cleaning the blood, snot, piddle and poo poo off the floor, walls, and curtains.

    2. Making staff, patients and visitors wash their mucky little hands. MAKE them. (This is not a suggestion, something you can take or leave, do it or forever clear off.)

    3. Stopping staff from wearing their uniforms on the bus, in the pub, chip shop, bingo hall, and supermarket.

    4. Feeding the patients well, instead of waving the tray in front of them and leaving the bugger out of reach.

    5. Cleaning the toilets. ( Oh please, it could be fun….. )

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