Sometime in the next couple of hours this blog will go through the 2.5 million visitors mark. That\’s including those who visited the old blog of course, but not those who visit it now after the divorce into Tabloid and Broadsheet editions.

That number is since April 2004, so roughly three and a half years. Not much when placed against some of the major blogs but a satisfying number all the same. Something of an ego boost to find there are that many people (or, as might be more accurate, a small band of eccentrics who visit often) who appreciate the sound of my howling at the wilderness.

I have to admit that this is all really rather done more for my pleasure than yours, a way of amplifying my complaints about the world rather than boring whoever I happen to sit next to while drinking, but thank you all for listening as and when you do.


8 thoughts on “Sitemetering”

  1. I’ve discovered how to righten your left margin. On the post that’s in trouble, open “comments” and click in the box. Everything then aligns. Neat, eh?

  2. If your blog has taught me one thing, it is that I welcome the day when professional economists will look after us instead of politicians.

    Tim adds: Well, to find out how professional economists would rule you’d need to be reading a professional economist. I might have a degree in the subject but I’m strictly an amateur. The only job I’ve ever had where I was in fact world class was as a waiter. Odd but true.

  3. Judging by your stats either people stopped liking you on the 23rd of October or Sitemeter is not picking up one class of visitors as your visitor rate more halved on that day and has stayed low – no longer adding in the tabloid readers?

    Tim adds: Correctamundo. Set up a separate site meter for that that day. Wibbling about Kim Kardashain over there brings in 10k to 20k page views a day. Wouldn’t be representative to add those to the numbers here.

  4. Congratulations Tim. And speaking of economics, you don’t blog for pleasure, you blog to increase utility.

    Tim adds: Quite, but whose, your or mine?

  5. Thanks Tim – this is an excellent blog, a term I have only come to really respect and understand in the past 16 months; the whole process of reading them being quite cathartic.

    May have to start one of these myself…

  6. …and I like to think of the valuable role you perform for us as “shitemetering”: i.e. measuring the amount of crap churned out in Comment is Free and elsewhere

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