Solar Power Stocks

Yes, I\’d say that\’s a little dodgy:

Eco-investors have made plenty of hay while the sun has shone but, with markets looking peaky, I can think of safer havens than a group of government-policy dependent stocks trading at 30 or 40 times earnings.

What I think is interesting about that analysis is that the constraint on the supply of solar grade silicon seems to have gone. That could lead to an interesting drop in the cost of an installed system. Further:

Matthias Fawer, the author of Solar Energy 2007 – The Industry Continues to Boom, which is published today, believes growth in the industry might be close to a tipping point. Dramatic reductions in costs, he says, will make solar power competitive with conventional forms of electricity or heat within 10 years.

If that\’s actually true then all we have to do is wait and then install the most cost effective systems then. All that post-Kyoto nonsense goes away. Which was really rather the point of Lomborg\’s first book, wasn\’t it? That solar, by 2030, 2040, would be cheaper than fossil fuels and thus that technology would save us. I still find it really rather remarkable that he\’s been so vilified for the crime of being too pessimistic.


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  1. Solar Thermal allows storage of solar energy as heat, which can then be used to continue producing electricity when it’s cloudy or dark.

    Utility scale systems – not for home use!

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