Spectrum Auctions

Oh aye?

The new agency would have a say on cross-border issues. Among the most important will be the ability to tell countries how to apportion spectrum – in other words it would decide which frequencies can be used for wifi, or broadcasting TV to mobiles and digital TV sets.

As television sets across Europe switch from receiving analogue to digital signals, governments are planning to raise billions of pounds by auctioning off the analogue spectrum for other uses.

So what\’s the betting that a few years down the line spectrum becomes a common European resource with that money flowing to Brussels then?

1 thought on “Spectrum Auctions”

  1. The EU already sticks its fingers in with spectrum harmonisation. It is actually quite sensible as wirelsss does not know boundaries, and a large single market provides valuable economies of scale for wirelsss devices. However it should be done through cooperation, not imposed via political union. With the push for a pan-EU telecom regulator it wont be long before it becomes an EU resourse like the federal FCC in the USA.

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