State Funding of Political Parties.

Such a good idea, isn\’t it?

Another effective control mechanism is that the Kremlin dictates access to state funding for political parties, and also how much airtime they have on state-controlled television and coverage in the main state-controlled newspapers.

In order to get funds and media exposure, a party must give the Kremlin a firm assurance that it will not discuss controversial issues, such as state corruption, or the way the ruling elite uses the courts to intimidate its opponents. Once that assurance is forthcoming, the party will receive money for its campaign and its candidates will be allowed to appear on television.

1 thought on “State Funding of Political Parties.”

  1. The scary thing is that the parties in the UK want to move towards this state-funding model, how long before similar restraints emerge? State-funding will sound the death knell for libertarianism in politics and sound in further statism.

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