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Status Quo

This comes up in a piece on Status Quo:

They became friends, but Parfitt didn\’t join the band until they recorded Pictures Of Matchstick Men. It hit the charts in the UK and US, and it\’s still their only American hit.

Wikipedia says the same thing. But I\’m really not sure about this at all. I thought they had a number one in the US in the 90s. It may be that my memory is entirely faulty….but I definitely recall hearing something on US radio and thinking, "What in hell are they playing Quo for?" and then hearing the announcer state that this was a hit. Anybody actually know?

And no:

I didn\’t know this was a John Fogarty song.

1 thought on “Status Quo”

  1. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of the Quiet Riot cover of “Cum On Feel The Noise” ?

    Tim adds: No, it wasn’t that one. It didn’t sound like a classic Quo song either. Something with “radio” in the title maybe?

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