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An entire column about language, Europe, euroscepticism and the like. Nowhere, not once, does he make the distinction between Europe and the European Union. The former is an economic, cultural and geographic reality all of which we all deal with in our own ways. The latter is a specific political structure which we are (or at least should be) free to welcome or deride as our fancy takes us. To conflate the two is the mark of a very lazy journalist indeed.

Even better:

It\’s questionable whether any coalition could be built to support the construction of the Channel Tunnel and high-speed rail link to Europe today

It isn\’t questionable at all you stupid man. Knowing what we know now we\’d never even dream of trying to build it! It\’s lost shedloads of money, it\’ll never pay back the debt it took on, we quite literally pissed billions of pounds of wealth into a hole in the ground and we\’ll never, ever, get it back.

It made us poorer and if we\’d known that back then we\’d not have done it now, would we?

4 thoughts on “Thanks Will”

  1. My head quite literally exploded when I read that ‘we quite literally pissed billions of pounds of wealth into a hole in the ground.’

  2. My memory is that shrewd Mrs T arranged that Frogkind paid for virtually all of it. We had to wait for a dimwit PM here before our money was metaphorically pissed away on it.

  3. Er, the problem with infrastructure funding is that these things are often far better value than you think.

    A loss-making railway still increases land values round the stations and so on. If we had Land Value Tax, then a lot of the increase in value would flow back into the State’s coffers.

    So, for example, if all public transport were free at the point of use, property prices in commuter areas would go up. Whether you pay it as ticket price or LVT is neither here nor there.

  4. Maybe, if the value the few outweigh the cost imposed on the many – If you’re not in one of the commuter areas you’re still losing out.

    And the Chunnel doesn’t seem to have a lot of stops on its route so it would have to generate a whole lot of value for each end.

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