That Tory Poster

Over at the Devil\’s.

National Citizen Service for every school leaver.

The Tories are still advocating this? That every young adult must spend compulsory time as a helot of the State?

2 thoughts on “That Tory Poster”

  1. It might be a better idea to do away with schools and teachers and let the army do the job instead.
    the army has been getting ideas and information into heads for many years. Even when the heads are reluctant or dense.
    Could the military do worse than the current education system.

  2. What about a “National Citizen Service” which would require all school or university leavers to serve the nation by working in the private sector[1] for at least three years, before taking any public sector job?

    [1] Defined here as any organisation that does not depend upon UK and EU government funding for more than 50% of its revenue.

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