The Boy Foreign Secretary

Bold stuff:

He will suggest that by 2030 all cars purchased in the EU should have zero carbon emissions.

What an excellent suggestion. The response to which is "How"?

What technology are we to use? Electric? Hydrogen? Fuel cells? Chip fat?

In another bold move, he will suggest that by 2030 "we should consider extending the single market beyond our immediate neighbours, and to the Middle East and north Africa". This extended free trade area would not be an alternative to EU membership, but complementary.

I\’ve got a bold idea for you as well. Why don\’t we just declare free trade tomorrow? You know, with the globe? As we know, the gains from trade come from the imports we buy, not from the exports we make. So why are we waiting until 2030 to avail ourselves of this opportunity to make us richer? What is to be gained by waiting 23 years?

5 thoughts on “The Boy Foreign Secretary”

  1. “Why not”? Surely we’re not allowed to, on account of trade being an EU competence and therefore none of our damned business. Allegedly.

  2. Yup, international trade is EU competence and has been since the days it was the EEC we joined, which was allegedly a free-market area. How anyone could have believed it ever passes understanding.

    But, of course, the single market is not a free market as a quick look at the number of regulations about what can and what cannot be produced in the member states that are issued daily will show.

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