The Carbon Trust

So, this is another body that seems to be not fit for purpose:

Sir John Bourn, head of the NAO, said in the report that the Carbon Trust’s achievement of cutting emissions by up to two million tonnes this year was commendable but was a small one in view of the scale of the challenge ahead.

Mmmmm. 2 million tonnes a year, eh?

The Carbon Trust was created in 2001 as a private company intended to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient technology and the development of a low-carbon economy. It received more than £103 million of public funds in 2006/07.

At a cost of £103 million a year. Hmmm.

So that\’s over £50 a tonne, or some $100 a tonne CO2. Estimates of the social or environmental cost of marginal CO2 emissions range from $2.50 to $85 per tonne. So we\’re spending more to curb emissions than the emissions cost us, making us poorer.

Aren\’t we lucky to have people at the heart of Government dealing with climate change for us?

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  1. Surely this doesn’t take into acount the cost of producing the emissions? If someone teaches me to drive better and my petrol consumption falls, then there is a saving of $85/tonne (or whatever you choose) due to less CO2, and a saving in using less petrol, which is a much larger number

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