The Definition of Democracy

Is that one can throw the bastards out. So Bob Piper\’s got the right question here:

How do we get rid of you?

4 thoughts on “The Definition of Democracy”

  1. It hilarious that comes from the democratic carpetbagger in chief, Tony Benn, I mean, how do we get “rid” of _him_ when all he does is keep bouncing back ?

    The missing one is; “do _we_ have a choice”, the rule that outlaws selective candidates with no opposition, people like, er, Tony Benn.

  2. I would love to respond to IanCroydon if only his comment was coherent enough for anyone to understand.

    Tim, I would have thought SurreptitiousEvil’s suggestion was a bit extreme if all you wanted to do was get rid of me, but if you did you would probably have to bring a thousand voters with you based on our last election result.

    Tim adds: Err, no Bob, my dig wasn’t at you at all. You can indeed be voted out, if others can persuade 1,000 people to agree with them. I was, rather, agreeing with your view of the City Regions and, by implication the Regional Assemblies and even, in my own fevered imagination, the EU. Democracy requires that we be able to throw the bastards out. As we can’t, they are thus not democratic. Rather your point, wasn’t it?

  3. It was indeed Tim. I was only pulling your leg because of the ambiguity of your original post. Of course, the possibility of someone leaving the grim, damp, Algarve to set up home here in sunny Sandwell isn’t entirely outrageous now, is it?

    Tim adds: Hmm. The family connections are to Solihull and a couple of nearby areas of Birmingham. Not sure the “local” bit will travel that far across the West Midlands.

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