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The Great Blogging Divide

Is it just me?

Or are there very few leftie blogs commenting upon the data screw up?

It could of course be my own bias, that I\’m not noting people who are commenting upon it. Or it could be that it\’s the anti-Statist glee of the right that makes them comment more noticably.

But scrolling through my RSS this morning, there doesn\’t seem to be all that much from the left commenting.

Update. Well, there\’s this by Unity.

Rather overtaken by events in that it wasn\’t some junior idiot breaching protocols. It was a junior following protocols and having his actions signed off by more senior management. That is, it was the protocols at fault.

7 thoughts on “The Great Blogging Divide”

  1. The left knows that markets fail and their solution is state control. But when the state fails all they can do is stick their fingers in their ears and hum loudly.

  2. Well, as a rather un-random sample from my > Blogs > Cretins bookmark folder we have:

    Terry Kelly – football

    Neil “Best UK Blog” Clark – a complete copy of somebody-else’s anti-war article and one of his about smoking.

    Polly and Johann – nothing.

    Neil Harding – more bloody football.

    On the other hand, Unity has already popped up, as noted, Justin is HTTP509 (again – that’ll teach him to be popular), the Cambridge guys are hardly rabid “bloggertarians”, nor is Alex. Not forgetting the “other Tim.”

    But the sheer glee, yes, we have that.

  3. sanwhatonearthion,

    Err, that’s where Unity blogged on it? Especially as he has been having registrar problems with his own site. That’s why Tim provides links – so you can check them.

    I’ll admit that Chris blogged sort of on it but not really after Tim’s post but, hey, he’s not an astrologer.

    Hmm. You wouldn’t be a sly sort of lefty person, would you?

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