The Great Question

Janet Daley does rather hit this one out of the ball park:

It is nothing less than the question of who should have the real power in a free society – a government elected by the people, or the people themselves through their own direct agency.


When will they learn that people\’s lives are transformed not by what is done to them, or spent on them, but by what they do for themselves? Sorry about the homily but there is no other way to sum this up: your life prospects are transformed by your own attitudes – and those attitudes are formed, in turn, by the opportunities that you have for making a difference to your own life.


If you think it sounds too good to be true that a voluntary movement could transform an aspect of life, just think of the hospice movement.

Or even the lifeboats.

1 thought on “The Great Question”

  1. The concept of people advancing through their own efforts and aspirations is an outrage to the statists though. By nature, people don’t all propel themselves to the same level. We each aim for our own point of comfortable equilibrium. Volunteerism is rapidly becoming the last redoubt of the individual. So far, our commissars haven’t worked out how to force us to man the lifeboats, rescue fallen women or adopt stray kittens. But they are starting to get good at blocking individual initiatives in the name of elfin safety. And in many cases they are using the insurance weapon. It’s amazing how many small, local initiatives you can strangle with that one.

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