The Low Carbon Kid Part II

This actually rather worries me. This bloke actually works as a news editor for Defra: thus he\’s influencing how the Beast of Government actually views these things:

Renewable energy will, by contrast and by definition, last forever. Oh yes, and it\’s free.

You what? Free energy? What is he drivelling about?


7 thoughts on “The Low Carbon Kid Part II”

  1. Yes! It’s free! Because it’s renewable, you see. You use it and it all just comes back again. It doesn’t cost anything at all to build windmills, and the materials are all free, and people don’t need to be paid to build them, and everything’s free.

  2. Well, any hypothetical capital investment is off-balance sheet in a PPP run by an SPV that has been hived off to a Antiguan-domiciled PEF. So that doesn’t exist and, if it is discovered, isn’t my fault so that is free.

    We’ll pre-empt (ie steal) the Tories’ idea on National Service and have the kiddies running it so that is free as well.

    Oh, and the quango to manage it is paid out of a separate budget, so as far as I’m concerned, that is free as well.

    Next, I will demonstrate how 10 years of nu-Labour has reduced the tax burden to the average citizen (for some definition of ‘average’).

  3. Where I live, on the North Sea Coast, they erected these very impressive wind turbines to harvest all that free energy.

    One got struck by lightning, and was left looking like a cardboard scarecrow left out in the rain.

    Then the cable bringing the power on shore was severed. It wasn’t replaced, because the cable would cost more than the energy generated by the turbines.

    And I can’t help wondering how much energy went into building those behemoths in the first place.

    Reminds me of my (not short enough) spell as a teacher, in which I heard other teachers telling the children that Dinorwic “generates energy”. Strewth….

  4. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    Mr. Bennett, you forgot to mention that the land on which the wind farms often sit is free.

    You also forgot to mention how attractive they are so the beauty of them is free too.

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