There\’s an Answer to This One

Why don’t polar bears eat penguins? Because their paws are too big to get the wrappers off, obviously. It’s not a joke you hear so often these days, though, because polar bears are now a serious business.

Now, let me think….ah yes, it\’s because polar bears and pengiums live in different hemispheres, isn\’t it?

9 thoughts on “There\’s an Answer to This One”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Ummm, polar bears and penguins may live at different poles, but penguins are found pretty far north. In the Galapagos islands for instance which I suspect are in the northern Hemisphere. And I dimly remember Hawaii. But maybe that was a film I took my nephew to. But if so then the polar bears would share a hemisphere even though that fact would not help them eat penguins at all.

  2. If Polar Bears don’t eat Penguins, perhaps we can airlift the entire lot of them from the melting Arctic to the expanding Antarctic ?

  3. If I was named after a rather tasty bar of chocky, I also would tend toward reclusive isolation, well away from all life forms with spare change and opposable thumbs.

  4. In the Northern hemisphere, there are no penguins where there are polar bears–because the bears have eaten them all.

    Conversely, in the Southern hemisphere, where there are no polar bears where there are penguins, it stands to reason that the absence of polar bears is the result of their having all been eaten by penguins.

    Amazing what a little deduction can do.

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