Thomas Slab Murphy

Looks like they\’re getting him on the Al Capone prosecution:

Thomas "Slab" Murphy, said to be a shadowy figure within the IRA underworld, was arrested after an investigation that began 20 months ago when British and Irish police surrounded his farm on the Irish border.

In March 2006, the police found several tankers, an underground pipeline, bags of cash and laptops when they raided the property on the Co Armagh/Co Louth border. It was claimed at the time that he used an escape tunnel to evade arrest.

Murphy, 58, was arrested on Wednesday night after attending a Gaelic football match near Dundalk, the border town in the Irish Republic that was once a hideout for fugitive IRA men.

He appeared yesterday at Ardee District Court, Co Louth, in the Irish Republic, and made no reply when faced with nine charges of tax evasion alleging he owed a total of £1.74 million.

If you can\’t get Capone for murder, smuggling, theft etc, try him for tax evasion.

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  1. delighted to hear that Slab Murphy has been charged. Well done to everybody at the Criminal Assets Bureau. We all hope and pray that justice will prevail in this case.

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