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Those Iraqi Translators

Even though they are, now, being offered what was theirs as of right all along, we\’ve still got our gloriious bureaucracy, full of all of those Rolls Royce minds, cocking things up:

Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives helping the British Army are finding it very difficult to come to Britain because the Foreign and Commonwealth Office insists that they travel to Jordan or Syria first, the UN refugee agency has said.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which is working with the British Government, said that new visa restrictions imposed by Jordan and Syria were causing practical problems and were effectively preventing entry to Iraqis, and suggested that the Foreign Office could have acted differently. A regional spokeswoman told The Times: “Another country succeeded in resettling their employees directly from Iraq. The visa restrictions imposed by both Jordan and Syria are making it very difficult for Iraqis to enter both countries.”

When the UN crticizes your red tape as being excessive (as opposed to the more normal "you don\’t have enough") you know you\’ve got a serious problem.

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