Timmy Elsewhere

Two at The Business.

The results of the Radiohead experiment and can we have some evidence with our policymaking, please?

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Perhaps Radiohead might abandon their “no sponsors” policy, allow free downloads, but put adverts on the web site.

    They’d probably make a lot more money, and it would be guarenteed regardless of how many downloads happened.

  2. Aren’t the royalties on a CD usually calculated on the wholesale price (or the published price to dealer as it is often called), meaning that their gain is higher than your calculations?

    Tim adds: I wouldn’t be willing to testify to those numbers in court, no. But as with book publishing (where I have read my own contracts) you can do it on nett recepits or gross. You adjust the percentages to make the final numbers come out the same. The 14 and 4% are, from memory, based on gross.

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