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Rather than retype this, a cut and paste of a comment at CiF.

Err, can I try and get your argument straight here? You\’re saying that because various Europeans make good records, throw good parties, cook good food and make decent movies, we should therefore be in favour of a specific style and structure of governance? Said style and structure of governance actually having nothing whatsoever to do with food, music, parties or films?

Might I use this logic in other areas? That the US makes good movies, New Orleans has good food, certainly I\’ve been to the odd good party or two there, there\’s even been known to be the odd good record or two come out of the place. Does this then show that George Bush and the style and structure of governance in that country is somthing we should all support?

If not (and I would assume that most here would say not) then why should that logical structure apply to Europe?

Two other minor things. The accepting euros bit by The Might Boosh: you do know that was John Major\’s idea, yes? The Hard Ecu as it was called at the time? Instead of our adopting the euro, simply make it a legal currency which people could choose to use or not, as they wished, running along side the pound? Or perhaps you don\’t know that.

Oh, and Gisele? Second Guardian piece this week (Alexander Chancellor\’s being the first that I saw) which was based on, how to put this, less than adequate research:

"Gisele Bundchen\’s manager sister has denied reports the supermodel demands to be paid in Euros instead of U.S. dollars, insisting the claims are "ridiculous". The Brazilian beauty was alleged to have refused payment in American currency because the dollar is "too weak".

However her sister Patricia Bundchen, who was credited for the quotes, has denied making any such comment and claims the supermodel is simply "bemused" by the reports.

Patricia says, "It\’s a joke by some journalist, it\’s ridiculous. I never said that to any press organization. We never talk about Gisele\’s contracts, and even less so the money involved. (Gisele) is continuing to sign her contracts in dollars or euros, as she has always done. She is bemused by these reactions. This information is not true … I do not recall ever having said anything that could be interpreted in that way."  "

I agree that\’s not the most stunningly reliable source of course, perhaps someone might hire a journalist somewhere and check out which version of the story is true?

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  1. I always thought the hard ECU was a brilliant idea. A unified Europe-wide currency BY CHOICE. How can anyone complain about it, since they can vote with their wallets? If it succeeds, great. If no-one uses it, well, it was a bad idea and no major disruption as a result.

    It never went very far, probably down to who suggested it rather than the idea.

  2. One may already purchase goods and services with Euros in this country if the seller chooses to accept them. Making Euros legal tender might annoy Scots and Northern Irish people whose banknotes do not have this quality anywhere in the UK although Scots Law gets round this by recognising them as “money”. By the way, Bank of England notes are note legal tender in Scotland or Northern Ireland either.

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