Timmy Elsewhere

At the ASI.

In which David Blunkett meets Mandy Rice – Davies.

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  1. Next time I need to go to the Royal Mail sorting office to collect a parcel and they ask for proof of my identity so they can be sure I’m the person I am claiming to be, I’ll tell them them to get lost. Right?

  2. Bloody hell, Bob, always with “ID cards will be great for collecting parcels”. How many parcels do you receive? How many times has the need to present ID actually proven a problem? A passport or driving licence has always seen me through fine. Often less than that has done. The problem with collecting parcels isn’t the ID issue but normally the all too brief opening hours the collection points maintain.

  3. “A passport or driving licence has always seen me through fine.”

    But those are variations on ID cards, albeit examples which are presently not sufficiently secure against counterfeiting and that is why the US government is insisting on including biometric data on passports to make counterfeiting more difficult.

    Hat tip to the BBC – this morning they gave an airing to this salutary case of identity theft which had horrendous implications for the wellbeing of one family:

    Note that original identity of the supposed “Earl of Buckingham” was finally established because his fingerprints (one kind of biometric data) were on a database in the US.

    ID cards (and likewise passports) with biometric data will make it easier for the police to prove identity fraud and to track criminals. It’s predictable that criminals and terrorists will: (a) oppose the introduction of ID cards and (b) attempt counterfeiting and sabotage if they are introduced so as to discredit their reliability. What a surprise!

    The criminal law and law enforcement agencies haven’t prevented crime but few suppose that repealing the criminal law and disbanding the police would reduce crime and make us more secure.

  4. The last time I picked up a parcel from the Post Office depot, despite having my driving license to hand, all I had to do was say “I’m here to collect a parcel for **** that was attempted to be delivered yesterday and….”; whereupon the chap behind the counter promptly disappeared into the back office, returned with a parcel & a cheery ‘Here you go love!’ & handed it to me.

    No name given, never mind examining the driving license or the little card they’d put through the door! :0

    One wonders why Bob B has so much trouble collecting his post….

  5. “One wonders why Bob B has so much trouble collecting his post….”

    The Royal Mail sorting office I need go to collect parcels serves a huge postal area with tens of thousands of addresses and one of the biggest in the London area, according to some reports. I’m personally reassured that the Royal Mail personnel do take the trouble to insist on identity checks when thousands of postal addresses in the area are in multiple occupation. Walking along the nearby local high street is like seeing the united nations out shopping. Try this:

    “One in three people living in London was born abroad and at least another 10,000 foreign-born citizens are settling in the capital each month.

    “Figures released today show that out of a total Greater London population of 7.4 million, about five million were born in Britain. The number of foreign-born Londoners increased from 2.3 million in June last year to almost 2.5 million 12 months later.

  6. You put your left margin in,
    You put your left margin out,
    You put your left margin in,
    And you shake it all about

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