Well, Quite

Good post here.

One slight correction. 1 cc, not 10. The band got it wrong.

4 thoughts on “Well, Quite”

  1. Very apt in my own circumstances; my father left when I was 23 though and about to get married myself.

    The bastards still around though- currently he’s stated his intention of taking a financial chainsaw to the house my mother paid for but was in joint names. This the same woman who put him through uni, paid for his first jacket in the first winter she met him and took him around the world with her on a sales prize for her company.

    Its not only the politicians who need hanging.

  2. I think it’s generally acknowledged that Godley and Creme were deliberately exaggerating when it came (!) to the volume of their seminal output. As far as I know, and have observed, a typical emission is in the 3-5 ml mark (i.e. teaspoon rather than tablespoon regime).

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