What an Idea!

Yes, all in favour of this one.

"The video-sharing Web site YouTube has suspended the account of a prominent Egyptian anti-torture activist who posted videos of what he said was brutal behaviour by some Egyptian policemen, the activist said."

A YouTube competitor should post these videos and then run advertisements saying that unlike YouTube it is not afraid of embarrassing dictators.

Actually, "Embarrassing Dictators" would make a fantastic name for a human rights website that deliberately sought out such videos.

Now, does anyone know how to actually set up a YouTube clone? Is there readily available software? I\’m in to help pay for the bandwidth if anyone does. In fact, if we can get the technical resources together then I\’m pretty certain I could find a sponsor or two (I am assuming that it would not grow to anything like the size where bandwidth would be more than 100\’s of pounds a month).

4 thoughts on “What an Idea!”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easiest to use LiveLeak? I don’t think they have such quibbles. That said, it isn’t specifically targetted to such abuses.

    In answer to your technical questions, it wouldn’t be too difficult to set something up. Location of the server is likely to be the biggest issue – a little bit of Schillings pressure is all it takes to scare some “reputable” companies…

  2. Looks like it wouldn’t be that hard to set up: http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/62365.html

    The catch is they seem to assume you’re running your own server. I don’t know if there’s a hosting company with built in youtube clone functionality.

    Tim adds: These days server space is pretty cheap. You can get terrabytes of bandwidth (or so it seems) for under $100 a month or so. I’ll happily stand that bill to begin with. Would have to be a server in the US, First Amendment and all that.

  3. Hi Tim

    It’s just modified weblog technology–database with a content management system, same with Flickr. Allasame stuff. Needs a bit more management, though–even if you’re not policing content.

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