Women\’s Corsetry

I know, I know, just the sort of serious subject you expect here on a Monday morning.

The quest for the perfect figure is causing droves of British women to resort to wearing the throwback girdle.


But its ability to reduce the waist by up to two dress sizes has seen it return.

Hmm, can we turn the truth in advertising people on them? Or is your, at the moment of disrobing, ending up with rather more than you bargained for to be seen as an added bonus rather than deception?

Kylie Minogue apparently donned a bit of extra support under her figure-hugging black dress at the Q Awards last month. Accepting her Q Idol award, she said: "I would like to thank those of you who continue to support me – including my dress!"

Denise Fraser, a buyer for the website Figleaves.com, said: "In the past, shapewear was something that your mother wore.

"But now there is no longer that barrier."

Hmm. Actually, given that Kylie Minogue is now 39 or so, she rather fits the "mother" demographic, doesn\’t she?



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