You What?


More than one in five Germans would like to see the Berlin Wall rebuilt, a study published to coincide with the 18th anniversary of its fall shows.

The survey of more than a thousand Germans of different ages showed that the desire to see the wall return is as high among former citizens of communist East Germany (the GDR) as it is among those from the west.

Only 3% of people who originated from East Germany said they were very satisfied with the way that German democracy worked.

The poll by the Forsa institute showed that 73% of those from the east believed that socialism was a good idea in principle, but had been poorly implemented. Over 90% argued that they enjoyed better social protection during the GDR era.

A fair old argument against democracy, isn\’t it? That 73% actually believe that socialism is a good idea in principle?

1 thought on “You What?”

  1. I disagree – let democracy prevail. Rebuild the wall (all the way round?) and leave them to it. I know they will be very busy recreating the workers’ paradise, but when they get a moment perhaps they will build some monuments to the memory of those executed by the evil capitalists as they tried to escape the oppressive west to the old GDR.

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