Zoe at Erotica

Zoe Margolis goes to the Erotica Show:

And yet, everywhere one looked there were women. One could hardly avoid the tits and arses on display: on almost every stall were women dressed in little more than underwear, handing out leaflets, T-shirts or DVDs. But it was not the flesh on display that I found objectionable: it was the disproportionate amount of female nudity.

I\’m straight. I like to have sex with men. I enjoy looking at naked men. I don\’t think I am that unusual in my tastes, but at Erotica – as with the rest of the sex industry – I found myself feeling at odds with what was on offer.

"Where are all the men?" I found myself muttering as yet another young woman gyrated her hips and jiggled her breasts as she stood on a boat (promoting a porn site – of course). "Why are there no hot men doing the same?" The only men I could see were either paying visitors, or working alongside the half-naked women – but fully dressed. So I went in search of male nudity. I sought it out in the hope that perhaps, for once, as a consumer, I might be treated equally.

Does anyone else think that she\’s becoming rather a one trick* pony? Getting into something of a rut**?


* Well, for a given meaning of trick, obviously.

** Bad pun, sorry.

3 thoughts on “Zoe at Erotica”

  1. Soppy trout!
    Until women start paying men for sex there won’t be a nude male industry.
    You want nude men, dear, pay for it!

  2. I was under the impression that many gay men were happy to pay men for sex. Why weren’t there scantily clad male models present for that reason?

  3. Not ‘becoming’ Timmy. But is. IF she could think AND IF she could construct an argument it might just work…but that aint gonna happen.

    She borrows feminism like a fucking clip on mobile phone cover to justify the weakest of concepts.

    As I said on her eloquent post, the market gets what the market wants.

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