A Fire at the White House

Only a quick question. Do we actually know where all of the Royal Marines are right at the moment?

3 thoughts on “A Fire at the White House”

  1. That’s a funny-looking white house . . .

    Tim adds: Yeah, I know. Old Executive Office, in the White House “compound”.

  2. Look, these are Republicans. They know that you are supposed to light your cigar after committing sex acts with interns …

    40 Commando are in Afghanistan so I suppose that leaves either 42 or 45 potentially taking advantage of the weak dollar for a bit of pre-Christmas plunder and rapine.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I love that the HuffPuff and even Daily Kos have had to pull their comments because of the vile nature of their readers’ comments about this.

    SE, what do you mean after? The Deviants are in the other Party thank you. You light your cigar *before* so you have have a good smoke *during*.

    Which is better than Prescott who was supposed to have done his Red Boxes during the Full Lewinsky given him by Ms Temple. Although I have to say I’m a little bit “conflicted” as such dedication to duty would be admirable in any other line of work. Almost worthy of Drake. But in politics? You have to get your priorities right.

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