Ahah, Ahah, Ahah, Ahahahaha

Snort, giggle. Via, surprisingly, here, this:


Yes, it is what you think it is. It\’s a gold noose, to be worn as jewelry (I suppose we could call it a Pierrepoint as the other part of his name is already used for jewelry of a more intimate nature). And guess who it is sold by? Yup, Disney, so you were right there too.

$36 a pop.

Stave off plunderers with a charming threat wearing this Disney Couture necklace! Booty hunters beware!

From the Pirates of the Caribbean "Dead Man\’s Chest" collection – 14K gold plated 20" Noose Necklace.

By Disney Couture

I wonder which marketing executive thought up this one, which one actually signed off on it and whether both have already been fired or have that pleasure yet to come?

I think it\’s mindgobbingly stupid but then what do I know?

11 thoughts on “Ahah, Ahah, Ahah, Ahahahaha”

  1. Looking at the Pandagon site makes me warm to the idea of this noose-themed necklace. Whilst I’m averse to gold adornments in general and this crappy looking piece in particular, I’m certainly up for annoying those that are reading racial undertones into this.

    But wait, perhaps they’re right. Tim, you’ve often cried out “hang ’em all” with reference to politicians and…gasp…you’re white. You must be a white supremacist keen on terrorising blacks into not voting with your flagrant references to a symbol of their former oppression.

  2. That necklace is sick. What sane person would actually want to use an instrument of execution as an adornment?

    Do the people who sell this have the slightest care or regard or respect at all for the families of those who have committed suicide by hanging?

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves for this.

  3. It annoys Martin also. Double score!

    Tim adds: Although this might sound strange: it annoys me too. Agreement with Martin, I know, I must have a lie down. I don’t want to ban it, but I have to admit I don’t like it

  4. Gawd, Timmy I wish I hadn’t clicked on that link- I didn’t read your cautionary text, and I thought it would take me to a nice collection of Watch Alberts.

  5. Yes Tim, the ‘Prince Albert’ link came as a bit of a shock, but as one poster observed on the Pandagon blog entry, people wear crosses; and isn’t crucifixion also a means of execution?

    Someone ought to tell all those poor Christians.

  6. I like it. Hang the lot of em.

    If I were in the southern States I might think it unpleasant and tasteless in light of relatively recent history, but I live in England.

  7. “What sane person would actually want to use an instrument of execution as an adornment?”


  8. So Much For Subtlety

    I am afraid to say I’d like one. I am not, after all, in the South nor do I know many people from there. Anything that pisses off Pandagon is well worth supporting. My main problem would be that it is from that high end retailer, Disney.

    I could tell everyone that I was a Mormon and the Book of Mormon says Jesus was hanged. Who’d know? Who’d dare say otherwise?

    Failing that I’d say it is a political symbol and so protected under the First Amendment – what we have in store for all elected officials. And most civil servants.

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