Labour was paid £180,000 from public funds to help party officials to understand new funding rules shortly before it began accepting secret donations from a property developer, The Times can reveal.

The party applied for and received a “start-up grant” from the Electoral Commission to meet the costs of abiding by the law on declaring donations that Labour had itself enacted. It was for training staff in the duties imposed by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 and was specifically for the party to prepare for its requirements on submitting accounts and declaring donations above £5,000.

The grant could also be used to hire consultants to give advice on the Act, for guidance for party officials and volunteers, and to adapt computerised accounting systems.

Simply laughing to hard to comment.

3 thoughts on “Ahahahahahahaha”

  1. When I send someone on a course I only pay half the cost if they fail and don’t have a good excuse. If the leave the company within 2 years we get some back as well.

    Can we have our money back, please?

  2. Do businesses, generally speaking, get globs of taxpayers’ money to pay for the cost of learning about laws that are thrust upon them, or do they have to pay this cost themselves?

    Just wondering… I fear I already know the answer.

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