So I think we can conclude that the payments were indeed for services rendered?

The businessman at the centre of the "Donorgate" row received beneficial planning status from the Government just weeks after he gave the Labour Party more than £100,000 in concealed donations.

David Abrahams\’s controversial plan for a business park at Bowburn in County Durham was put on a pilot scheme designed to speed the planning process and cut the costs of the application, it can be revealed.

In January last year, Yvette Cooper, then the minister for housing and planning, named Mr Abrahams\’s scheme as one of 20 new Planning Delivery Agreements to be set up across Britain.

The announcement came a month after Mr Abrahams had made three separate payments to Labour totalling £100,000.

Wouldn\’t it all have been simpler to continue to operate as we had done for a century or more? Flogging off the odd bit of ermine is better than flogging off the right to build business parks, surely?

2 thoughts on “Aye Aye”

  1. You seem to be advocating a graded scale of corruption.
    Buying influence in law making is better than buying the opportunity for commerce.
    How much is your moral compass??

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