Bit of a Shocker

MPs are incompetent, couldn\’t run a whelk stall. OK:

The plan to abolish hunting provoked mass protests and consumed many hours of parliamentary time; yet it seems to have been beyond the wit of MPs to come up with a law capable of enforcement. How absurd this makes parliament look!

Bit odd to see it in The Guardian though….

4 thoughts on “Bit of a Shocker”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Guardian. It is useful to read the comments about the monarchy just to be reminded of the poisonous nature of some of our fellow subjects. The writer himself genuflects to his readers by saying, of the Queen’s death when it should occur: ” The country will be united in its sorrow. This is not because everyone admires the monarchy or even wishes for its continuance”.
    Let’s ask them all to subscribe to a new Royal Yacht.

  2. For the archives:

    “For those who don’t know the figures, by the way, more than 700 hours of parliamentary time were devoted to the hunting ban, as against seven hours spent on the decision to invade Iraq, a comparison that sums up the way we are governed.”,3604,1412158,00.html

    Some here may recall that famous quote from Aneurin Bevan about, “socialism being the language of priorities.”,,1493978,00.html

    But then, of course, New Labour discarded its socialist agenda to gain power.

  3. Actually, I think its worked out just fine.

    Those who want to hunt, just take their dogs out and hope they don’t find a fox, and those who don’t like hunting, don’t live in the countryside anyway!

    If it got serious, we could always start hunting socialists!

  4. “If it got serious, we could always start hunting socialists!”

    Socialists – or the ones who admit to it – are rarer than urban foxes these days. Wise foxes have sought or maintained a secure refuge in the cities where traffic usually stops to let them cross roads. I shoo foxes away to stop them taking up residence in my back garden but then these parts were probably the domain of foxes long before humankind settled in.

    A few hundred meters away from where I write in urban London, there’s a bricked cave where – according to the London Encyclopaedia – evidence of human habitation was found going back to the middle stone age. The local park was once part of a large forest where Henry VIII hunted deer on excursions from Nonsuch Palace:

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