Calling Mr. Freedland!

Sorry Jonathan, but you\’re talking bollocks:

One could go further, arguing that it is not just excessive consumerism but capitalism\’s very nature that makes it incompatible with the survival of our planet. For capitalism requires constant economic growth, yet the Earth\’s resources are finite. Capitalist logic says we must buy, sell and consume more and more each year. Nature\’s logic says we can\’t.

There\’s nothing inherent in capitalism which requires constant growth. Nothing at all. If you start from here then you\’re going to get the rest of your argument tragically wrong.

6 thoughts on “Calling Mr. Freedland!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is such an interesting meme that you hear so often from the Usual Suspects that I wonder where it originated from. It is so obviously stupid it cannot be taught so it must be passed from the lips of one Leftist to another Leftist. Like herpes I suppose. Does anyone think it originates with the Waste Makers in the 1970s and has lurched through our lives, Igor like, ever since?

  2. A credit boom fuelled by fiat money requires constant growth. The underlying economic justification is Keynesian, so it is true for leftist capitalism but not the for more stable free market sort.

  3. I completely agree with your point, Tim; however, I’ve known you on many occasions to argue that it is this potential for growth that marks capitalism out as so vital. Yet that leads to Cleanthes’ point, which is far too subtle for those dunderheads to get.

  4. “this potential for growth ”

    That’s not the same thing as REQUIREMENT for growth at all.

    It is capitalism that generates the wealth that allows our lives to get better and it does this through the potential for growth, but it is not a requirement.

    However, growth does also to a reasonable degree equate to “increase in wealth and living standards”.

    What Freedland is really asking for is well, a decrease in wealth and/or living standards. Funny how he doesn’t want to phrase it that though…

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