Changing the Drink Drive Limit

There\’s a reason for this:

A reduction would bring Britain into line with most other European countries.

That\’s it.


6 thoughts on “Changing the Drink Drive Limit”

  1. Have had zero tolerance in Japan for a few years now. Not such a big deal.
    Passenger in a car is also fined – I like that take on responsibility.
    And there’s a great taxi get-you-home service (daiko) where the taxis brings a spare drive who drives your car home and goes back in the taxi. Reasonably priced and very efficient (free market this).
    And this in a country where getting ratted is literally sacred.

  2. “There is concern that the new generation of drivers has no memory of the highly effective campaigns of the 1980s and 1990s to make drink-driving socially unacceptable.”

    Well, hold a highly effective campaign in the 2000s, you dickheads.

  3. That’s great news. We have some of the safest roads in Europe and so to celebrate we’ll give the police lots more reasons to concentrate on motorists and completely ignore burglaries, muggings, domestic violence and antisocial behaviour even more than they do now.

    Look forward to a paltry 20% rate of crimes solved sinking even further as Plod spends warm, sunny evenings sitting out in patrol cars looking for people who might have had a drink, and the days locked up in the copshop filling out the paperwork.

    Just fan-bloody-tastic.

  4. Meanwhile, most drink driving casualties are still caused by folk who are so rat-arsed they can’t stand up.

    And the powers that be, are considering zero tolerance. Sounds good. Zero tolerance for alcohol.

    Don’t these folk understand anything about exponential decay, or the law of diminishing returns?

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