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Not a lot going on really, so why not print the PR release from a charity?

The credit crunch is driving more and more middle-class children to shoplift expensive gifts denied them by their parents, a charity has warned.

Now there\’s a reason to lower interest rates, eh?

He estimates that up to half the youngsters whose cases CCAS deals with are from "affluent but fractured backgrounds" – often as a result of divorce and separation. Young people tell counsellors they steal because of the boredom and "the buzz".

Ermm, so it\’s not the interest rates or the credit crunch then? Pretty good when your own press release belies your own point, isn\’t it?

5 thoughts on “Charitable PR”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Given it was published in the Tellie, maybe the charity really wants to make people so irritated they will vote to bring back flogging? I hear that too gives a real buzz (but then I did not go to Eton so I wouldn’t know)

  2. One wonders why this charity, of whom I have never heard, gets its money from. Tapayer perchance? Kids from affluent families have always shoplifted for the excitement. Not a story, not a job for a charity.

  3. Is the phrase “Credit Crunch” beginning to be used to refer to consumer consumption that should never be taking place in the first place because it is being fueled by dept that cannot really be repaid?

  4. The phrase “credit crunch” will be used wherever the journalist or PR flack can come up with a connection to their point, no matter how remote or ridiculous.

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