Cheap Lousy Faggots

Radio 1 bosses have bleeped out the word faggot from the song, for fear it will offend homosexuals, but have provoked the ire of one of their own leading DJs as well as listeners.

9 thoughts on “Cheap Lousy Faggots”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The odd thing is that it was, I am told, in a song that, despite featuring the delightful (if a little late) Kristy MacColl, makes heterosexuality have all the appeal of, Oh I don’t know, nibbles with Ken Livingstone.

    By the way, Adsense has decided to give me an ad featuring a very buff, toned, waxed and probably sanded young man on my Right. Please be careful using “faggot” in the title again. How about some sort of M&S underwear ad?

  2. It’s because that objectionable, megalomaniac fool Chris Moyles is trying to get it to No1…. a great way of getting lots of publicity for a record which (coincidentally, I’m sure) has been re-released. Also because he and others have a campaign to keep another record OFF the No.1 for Christmas. In other words, I’d lay a modest wager that it’s a con.

    Think Mike Reid, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood from many years ago….. and I’d like to make it very clear that the word “payola” didn’t cross my mind.

  3. Mike Read? Mike Reid? Ah, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. Cockney comedian or Mockney comedian.

    Ban lifted? Of course! The power of the listener, etc etc, guaranteeing more publicity for the odious Moyles……..

    Hadn’t realised the anniversary, though. Thank you for that, at least 🙂 . Perhaps the BBC will decree a cessation of all small boat-owners’ activities while it milks the occasion for all it’s worth?

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