Conrad Black Sentence

Not given up yet, has he?

Shortly before he was sentenced, Black read a short statement to the court.

It said: "I do wish to express very profound regret and sadness at the severe hardship suffered by all the shareholders, including employees, by the evaporation of $1.85 billion (£90.3 million) in shareholder value under my successors [at Hollinger.]"

His successors in the UK seem to have pared the subs budget just a little too much as well.

3 thoughts on “Conrad Black Sentence”

  1. Well, it’s just numbers, can’t expect the subs to be bothered with that, if they were they’d be boring accountants, not trendy journos. Anyway, what’s a little thing like increasing shareholder value next to the enormous crime of being conservative while enjoying a flamboyant lifestyle. Who did he think he was, Bono or something?

  2. Nice demonstation of what can happen to anyone when a “Rock-Star” US federal prosecutor decides he needs some added high-profile scalps on his belt. Just impanel 12 morons on a jury, grant the actual criminal in the matter a free ride for perjury, and get a slew of convictions without even demonstrating that any crime was committed. Lesson for all is just sign a plea-bargin regardless.

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