Depressing News

Was told that her concept for a book was \’too witty\’ for the average British female and being \’able to write\’ is a mass market liability

4 thoughts on “Depressing News”

  1. Err, do you need a publisher today ?

    Editing ? – you can probably write better than the publisher’s editor anyway
    Publicity ? – a popular blog will create that
    Printing and despatch – any print-on-demand service will handle this for you

    When you’ve sold a few thousand copies that way you can probably pick up a publisher if you want one.

  2. I have contacts with publishers since I’m a ghostwriter. The issue here is that they think I’m being too witty and intelligent and that girls would like to read sentences like, “Toby was a cad. That was all too it. But Serena loved him.

    They told me I have ‘the skills’ to write chicklit and why didn’t I just write it since they’d publish it.

    In other words, stop being so sarcastic and clever and just write about happy endings.

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