Logic failure alert:

Previously Monbiot has rightly challenged the "predict and provide" approach in other policy areas, notably transport. John Prescott saw the danger inherent in applying this approach to housing – the creation of unnecessary greenfield sprawl – and so instead put in place a plan-led, needs-based approach focusing on the reuse of previously developed land.

Predict and provide doesn\’t work so we should predict and provide?

4 thoughts on “Err?”

  1. Well spotted. I remember Prescott making this “great policy change” and wondered at the time just what the difference was.

    What it was actually all about was ceasing to develop greenfield sites and emphasiszing brownfield sites instead. But, of course, it was spun as something different.

  2. The gloss on the “policy change” was absurd but the focus on the redevelopment of brownfield sites makes a lot of sense in my book. Of course a land value tax system is ideal for promoting this sort of reappraisal but that would represent a real change, something this government would never risk.

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